4 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Joy!

Love to travel? You may want to leave these behind.

travel-suitcaseLOVE to travel!

When it’s time to travel, I always intend on packing light. It hardly EVER happens. Clothes √, shoes √, toiletries √ and sheets (yes, sheets) √…you get the point. As long as it isn’t over 50 lbs., I’m good. But what happens when it does exceed the weight limit? I decide to take something out that I’m willing to leave behind.

Exceeding the weight requirements?

What’s in your suitcase?

Is it insecurity, guilt, shame, fear, anger, hurt, disappointment, depression, an individual who shouldn’t be there? What are you willing to leave behind so that you can move forward? As we travel through life, we accumulate baggage from our upbringing and experiences. After awhile, it gets PRETTY heavy. It slows us down, we can’t move forward, & we’re WORN out. We get so attached to the baggage that we’re afraid to let go because if we did we’re not sure who we would be without it. After all, it’s our stuff.

The freedom is in letting go.

The change may not happen overnight but commit to slowly taking out one piece at a time that’s not worthy enough to continue on your journey. The only thing you’ll regret is not doing it sooner.

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