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As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Montclair, NJ, I work with adult women who have challenges with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I welcome all, and also have a special passion for serving BIPOC women who desire to be seen, heard, and valued in the therapy space. My practice serves New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, and South Carolina via telehealth. 

Individual Therapy

I empower Millennial Women and Gen-Xers to regain hope, confidence, and desire.


Find out more about the events I have coming up to help Millennial and Gen-X women regain hope, confidence, and desire.

About Erika

Erika T. Kendrick, LPC is the owner of Erika T. Kendrick, LLC, a Montclair based therapy practice providing services to adult women who struggle with anxiety, depression and/or trauma. She has been working in the mental health field for 25+ years treating a wide range of individuals in both public and private sectors. 


“I consider Erika to be a generous, empathetic motivator and encourager. I recommend her... because she is positive, results oriented and ensures that her time with her clients are focused…”

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Creating A Holiday Self-Care Plan
Creating A Holiday Self-Care Plan

The Holiday Season. The most wonderful time of the year for some, not so wonderful for others, and a mixture of both for many. A time of joy, cheer, laughter, and renewal can also bring with it stress, loneliness, isolation, fatigue, and grief. The most important way...

5 Signs That You May Need Therapy
5 Signs That You May Need Therapy

Contrary to popular belief, therapy is not for the “crazed and deranged” and you don’t necessarily have to carry a diagnosis. It’s about wanting more for your life. Challenges come, life gets tough, and bouncing back can be difficult. Conversely, not every problem...

Inadequacy is a Myth. You are (more than) sufficient.
Inadequacy is a Myth. You are (more than) sufficient.

“I can’t do that!" Was her first response when I suggested that my daughter try a new basketball move. The look of horror on my face would’ve made you believe that she committed a crime that not even a “get out of jail free” card could’ve taken care of. My reply,...

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Serving NJ, DE, FL, and SC via telehealth

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