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You Have the Potential to Create the Life You Desire!

As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Personal and Executive Coach in Montclair, NJ, I believe that everyone already has the potential inside of themselves in order to create the life that they desire. Through my blend of services which includes therapy, coaching, workshops, and events, I’ll assist you in tapping into that potential so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.





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Creating A Holiday Self-Care Plan

  The Holiday Season. The most wonderful time of the year for some, not so wonderful for others, and a mixture of both for many. A time of joy, cheer, laughter, and renewal can also bring with it stress, loneliness, isolation, fatigue, and grief. The most important way to enjoy the celebration and not get sucked in by the woes and madness is to be intentional about taking care of yourself -- mind, body, and spirit. Creating a Holiday Self-Care Plan in advance is one of the most effective ways to do that. Below are some ideas for each domain of your self-care plan. MIND Set goals for the week Plan something to look forward to Take a class Treat yourself to something that you enjoy Keep a Gratitude List Step out of the box - try something that you're afraid to do and record how it makes you feel Do a brain dump Speak positive, encouraging, and lovingly to yourself Identify a recent situation that didn't go well and name 3 positive insights that you gained from it Write down 5 of your dreams (goals) that have yet to come true Do something fun and we'll both receive a $10 discount with my referral link *winning* Let go of perfection and see what happens List 3 things about yourself that turn people off. Now describe how it positively connects you to other people. Imagine your ideal day. Now identify 3 changes you need to make in order to move closer to that vision.   BODY Take a dance class Drink water Make one small change to your eating habits each week Get as much sun as you can (e

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Love From My Coaching Clients


I consider Erika to be a generous, empathetic motivator and encourager. I recommend her as a coach because she is positive, results oriented and ensures that her time with her clients are focused without wasting any time and ensuring that communication and objectives are clear and met. When I began my coaching sessions as a client of Mrs. Kendrick, I was in a pretty desperate financial and emotional state and my career was at a stand still. I also felt powerless due to my living situation.


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