“Girl, stand up! It’s only 3 ft. of water!” Yeah…but to me it was more like 12. I have an intense fear of drowning. I’ve drowned so many times in my life. Like arms flailing, feet kicking, sink to the bottom type of drowning. And after all is said and done, I find out that I went through all of that drama for NADA … because it really wasn’t that deep.  

I’m not talking about swimming; I’m talking about life. 

Have you ever found yourself drowning and wished someone…ANYONE…would throw you a lifesaver? Only to find out that there’s no lifeguard on duty. You slowly sink to the bottom…drowning in debt, drowning in a failed relationship, drowning in a job that you hate waking up to, drowning in a life that you hate facing every morning, drowning in regret because of decisions you made yesterday that affect everything you do today. You just can’t seem to keep your head above water.

But there’s this thing about drowning that’s good.

It teaches you a lesson. As you sink further to the bottom, you move further away from the surface. And getting below the surface helps you get to the root of the matter. You start to ask yourself the hard questions, “How did I end up here?” “What role did I play in this?” “What need was I fueling by staying in a situation where the signs were clearly flashing?”

And once you answer those hard questions…

I mean REALLY answer those hard questions…you start to uncover things about yourself that you would’ve never realized had you not been drowning. You start to recognize that you’re in debt because your low self-worth tells you that you need to accumulate stuff in order to feel better about yourself; that you continue in a failed relationship because you need to compensate for a parental relationship that fails to exist and you feel that this is your chance to get it right; you continue to wake up to a life that you hate because you believe that you don’t have the ability to take control but rather that your life controls you.

Your rescue is in the reason…

So once you face YOU, you can save yourself from a detrimental situation. You won’t frantically search for that lifesaver because you’ll be able to overcome the hard stuff and have the strength to stay afloat. You’ll look back on your situation and say, “you know what girl? It REALLY wasn’t that deep.”

What truth do you need to face about yourself in order to prevent yourself from sinking?