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Happy Hour 2018


Yoga Therapy


Slow flow is the perfect blend of vinyasa and stillness. Your instructor will guide you through this experience that includes a slower vinyasa sequence followed by gentle restorative poses. A slow flow allows you to feel the poses and transitions while calming your central nervous system. Restorative poses lead you into even deeper relaxation. This class is open to all levels and is beginners friendly. 






*This event is will take place at Powerflow Yoga, 1283 Broad St, Bloomfield, NJ. By participating in this Happy Hour, you are agreeing to be photographed as a part of the event for marketing purposes. All sales are final. 



Beautifully Unique

“When strength and confidence intersect; it produces a beautiful girl!”

This 2-hour strengths-based workshop is offered for females aged 8-12.

During this fun and interactive workshop, the girls will learn:

  • The 24 character strengths that are proven to have a positive effect on mental and emotional well-being and their benefits
  • How to recognize and embrace strengths within yourself and others
  • How to systematically approach any obstacle or challenge and come up with a viable plan to overcome it
  • How to unleash your inner confidence by using your strengths.

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What people are saying:

“My daughter loved how you made learning about herself fun! I would recommend this workshop to others.”

“The instructor was knowledgeable on the topic and the material was presented in an organized fashion. I had a chance to learn more about my children such as their fears and hopes and what specific strategies to work through with them.”

“The workshop was well paced within the allotted time and the instructor was engaging. I loved that there were plenty of activities for the girls to engage in to keep them interested. The presentation was just the right length and ‘wasn’t a lecture.’”




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