It’s a small word with so much power. It’ll erase your hurts, fears, unrealistic expectations, and your hope of a better yesterday. It’ll give you peace of mind, restore happiness and joy in your life, and give you hope for a better today and tomorrow. Forgiveness…

Have you ever found yourself mentally replaying an offense because you somehow believe if you allow yourself to not forget, you can prevent it from happening again? Then, you build a wall because you DARE NOT let it happen again but you only find yourself back into a spiral of hurt and anger. I’ve done that TOO many times to remember. Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? It’s unwise to punish yourself in the present because of what someone did to you in the past. It robs you of your peace of mind and creates a breeding ground for depression and hopelessness.

I let go because in doing so, I choose me”

What makes forgiving so difficult is that it’s often confused with the word condone. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what was done is justifiable but what it does means is that you choose to no longer be imprisoned by the negative feelings that it brings about. It means, “I let go because in doing so, I choose me.”

So how do you begin the process of forgiving? You A.C.T

  • Ask: Ask God for the grace to prepare your heart
  • Change your mind: Commit to memory that forgiveness isn’t about “them” it’s about you.
  • Time: Understand that it will take time for your emotions to get in line with your decision [to forgive]. Often times the act comes before the feeling.

When you let go of hurt and resentment, you allow the opportunity for healing to take place.