4 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Joy!

Procrastinating, chasing perfect, or pursuing happiness that can’t seem to be found; that’s pretty much how your life has been going…year after year.

It’s so exhausting because it seems that no matter what you do, nothing ever changes. And no matter what you resolve not to do, you somehow find yourself doing that very thing. You are bursting with anticipation to make big changes…but things just feel a little big sticky.

The emotionally healthy, successful, and motivated woman… that’s who I collaborate with! You are ready to step into a life of freedom where the best options are available at your disposal and you need a little help navigating in order to create the life that’s aligned with what you value most. You are ready to discover what touches your inner soul and helps you feel alive so that you can participate more in life (because the sideline is NOT what you were created for).

Are you ready to let go of what’s holidng you back from fully living? Are you ready to create a life that you love?

Let’s do this!

How do you get started today? Your first step is to set up a complimentary call in which we will determine what it is that you want to achieve and what is holding you back.





1:1 Coaching

Unstick Me


One Session: $150

Craving freedom from a stuck situation? Then you need this standalone session for on the spot brainstorming, motivation, and accountability. Bring your dilemma and we’ll work through the things that are keeping you stagnant and devise action steps to get you unstuck. You’ll walk away feeling reenergized with hope and confidence to achieve.

• One (1) 50 minute coaching session with Erika
• 1 week of email support (as needed)



Craving Hope

erika-laughThree Month Package: $435/month

Feel swamped under a pile that you call your life? Do you lack clear direction, enthusiam, and/or can’t seem to pull yourself out of a rut? Then this package is definitely for you! I will assist you in identifying what’s really holding you back. These sessions will reginite the desire in your life that you’ve been craving.

• Nine (9) 50 minute coaching sessions with Erika (at 3 sessions/month)
• 3 months of email support (as needed)
• Debrief of the VIA Strengths Assessment
• Worksheets, tools, and resources for your specific needs


Pretty N’ Sane™



Pretty N’Sane Six Month Package: $420/month

You’re motivated and geared up to take action! Your goals are crazy BIG and you’re ready to take the plunge outside of your comfort zone. You’re not going to let anyone or anything stand in your way. However, you’ve run into a few roadblocks that you need to figure out how to navigate. There’s no doubt that you’ll run the course feeling Pretty N’ Sane.

• Eighteen (18) 50 minute coaching sessions with Erika (at 3 sessions/month)
• 6 months of email support (as needed)
• Debrief of the VIA Strengths Assessment
• 1 copy of Strengths Finder 2.0
• 90 minute Vision Mapping Session
• 10% discount to all workshops and events
• Worksheets, tools, and resources for your specific needs

Still not sure which coaching option is right for you?




What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is a creative process that focuses on possibilities, not problems, to help you to maximize your potential in any area of your life. My philosophy is that everyone already has the resources inside in order to create the lives that they desire. My job is to help you to tap into those resources so that you can create your desired life.

Where do Life Coaching sessions take place?

All coaching sessions are conducted telephonially or virtually.

Do you accept insurance?

Coaching sessions are not a covered benefit through any insurance carrier.

How will Life Coaching benefit me?

Coaching can result in:
• Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
• A more balanced life
• Clarity on want you want from life and the best possible way to achieve it

How quickly will I see results?

The benefits of coaching build over time. My recommendation is for at least 3 months of coaching for starters and 6 months for long term support. It is NOT a quick fix. You determine the pace at which you would like to move. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

How do I know if Life Coaching is a good fit for me?

Coaching is a good fit if:
• You’re motivated to make changes
• You’re willing to step out of your level of comfort
• You’re willing to do the work outside of sessions for your personal growth

How would I know if Coaching is NOT a good fit for me?

Coaching would NOT be a good fit if:
• You’re looking for a quick fix
• You’re looking for me to give you all of the answers and tell you what to do
• You’re not willing to invest yourself, your time, and your resources


Here’s what coaching clients are saying:

I consider Erika to be a generous, empathetic motivator and encourager. I recommend her as a coach because she is positive, results oriented, and ensures that her time with her clients are focused without wasting any time and ensuring that communication and objectives are clear and met. When I began my coaching sessions as a client of Mrs. Kendrick, I was in a pretty desperate financial and emotional state and my career was at a stand still. I also felt powerless due to my living situation. I remember her always challenging me to set a date with each task. That is a habit that I still enforce on myself today. Before my coaching sessions I would often stress myself out by piling too many responsibilities on myself and refusing to ask for help with my children. I was encouraged during my coaching sessions to “give myself permission not to be perfect.” This has helped tremendously with my new level of emotional balance! As a result of working with Erika, I have found a 3 bedroom home for my children and I, I’ve made the decision to purchase a vehicle in CASH vs. go into debt or take on a car note that could stress my small yet growing budget as a Mompreneur. I’ve also decided that I have no real barriers that I cannot overcome to keep living my dreams, which are to continue singing, acting and modeling and be able to take good care of my daughters and myself. I perform at least 3 concerts every month and have appeared in over 3 national films/commercials since working with Erika, one of them starring KEVIN DURANT! I attribute my renewed sense of empowerment, hope, focus and drive to my time working with Erika Kendrick and owe her many thanks!

Weeks after working with Erika, I am still benefiting from our coaching sessions. My trip to Vegas by myself was such a rewarding one that I am honestly more open to traveling by myself if I need or want to in the future. I also embraced being okay with change and deadlines and my dissertation has been extended to March 2016 to defend but I feel good knowing that I am being realistic with myself as I hit the ground running as principal.

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