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Beautifully Unique Workshop Inquiry

beautiful-girlsThank you for your interest in the “Beautifully Unique” strengths workshop for your group or organization. This fun and interactive workshop utilizes games and activities to reinforce the learned concepts.

The workshop objectives are:

  • To learn the 24 character strengths that are proven to have a positive effect on mental & emotional well-being and their benefits:
  • Recognizing and embrace strengths within yourself and others
  • Systematically approaching any obstacle or challenge and coming up with a viable plan to overcome it
  • Unleashing your inner confidence by using your strengths

The presenter requests the following for the workshop:

  • a room size that accommodates the # of attendees
  • tables and chairs for attendees
  • microphone for the speaker
  • at least one blank wall for use during the workshop

Upon receipt of your inquiry form, a call will be scheduled in order to further discuss the details of the event.

I look forward to working with you,

Erika T. Kendrick, LPC, CPEC

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