All too often abundance is associated with a dollar amount. If you’re keeping up with the Joneses then you’re living an abundant life, but if you can barely keep up, abundance has passed you by. However, abundance is so much more than money. Take heed, or you’ll miss it.

My abundant life flows from whose I am. Being grounded in Christ affords me a life that would otherwise be out of my grasp. I can make healthy choices without regret, relying on what’s best for me at any time and in any situation. My choices are healthy when they fall into the order of abundance, which says that I will not only have what’s necessary, but even more. My life will be full, complete, and without void.

There are several ways that I experience fullness and abundance in my life.

  • Creating opportunities: By having a full understanding of the power within me, I’m able to create opportunities. I no longer wait for things to happen, I make them happen.
  • Gratitude: Appreciating what I have and not dwelling on what I don’t keeps me grounded and improves my outlook.
  • Finding Balance: I strive to keep the scale balanced and not tip it. Carving out time for every facet of my life decreases burnout.
  • Finding Purpose: My life is about bringing hope and restoration to the broken.
  • Taking Risks: Staying safe equals stagnation. Never have I seen a baby give up trying to walk because of a fall. I have promised myself to step out of my comfortable box because there is more space outside of it that will allow me to grow.

An abundant life is available to everyone. When you feel joy, health, and a sense of purpose in very moment of your existence, you’re well on your way. What are some ways that you’re inviting abundance into your life?